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iPhone 5S, 5C Rumored Specs and Release Date; iPhone 6 News Update


Tech giant Apple is all set for a special media event this coming September 10 at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Although rumors have been flying around on what’s to come with the special media event, tech geeks and bloggers are eyeing at a simultaneous release for two versions of the company’s flagship device, the… read more

MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and MacBook Air News Update


All the buzz has been on Apple’s upcoming media event which is rumored to be a launching event for not one – but two iPhones, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. It is no wonder that news on Apple’s MacBook Pro, MacPro tower and MacBook Air are considerably hard to come by these days.… read more

Military Grade Protection for your Gadgets by Speck CandyShell Cases


According to a report, Speck’s CandyShell and CandyShell Grip protective cases have recently been officially rated for military grade protection. Speck has been manufacturing various accessories for a wide selection of gadgets – from handsets to tablets. Their protective cases are favorites of many gadget owners due to their attractive colors and superb quality. This… read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessory: Otterbox Commuter and Defender Series


Otterbox has been one of the many familiar and popular brands out there which provides protective cases and accessories for a wide range of gadgets and devices. Among the most popular products Otterbox has are their protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 – particularly the Otterbox Commuter protective case and the Otterbox Defender protective case.… read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessory: PureGear Retro Game Cases


Owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 are in for a treat with PureGear’s fun addition to their line of protective cases. The Retro Game cases offered by PureGear are just that – cases which protect your S4 and at the same time, provide a good old fun game while doing so. The Retro Game cases come… read more

Speck Products: The Ultimate Choice of Protection


If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your Apple and Samsung gadgets, there is no better choice of protection than Speck. Speck offers various protective cases and sleeves that will surely make your gadgets safe and protected. Speck’s CandyShell selection is more than just a burst of delightful and flavorful colors. Specially designed… read more

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

There is no denying it. Samsung users have rejoiced at the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4. Some users claim to see no difference between Samsung Galaxy S4 and its predecessor. But there are quite a few improvements and differences between S4 and its previous model. The one thing that probably everyone has taken notice of… read more

Accessory Shipments to Increase More than 10x by 2018


There has been a greater demand for smart accessories lately as more and more users look for wearable accessories related to fitness and health. According to Mobile News, smart accessory shipments are forecasted to increase up to 170 million per annum by the year 2018 from the mere 15 million per annum this year. Wearable… read more

Griffin AirStrap: iPad 2 One Hand Operation


There have been lots of instances when tablet users need to operate and work on their tablets while standing up or doing other activities. Due to this, tablet accessory manufacturers have come up various products to help users maximize the usage of their gadgets. One such accessory is the Griffin AirStrap – made especially for… read more

Apple to Release iPhone 6 with 8MP Camera

A budget version of Apple’s high end flagship product iPhone, is said to be released late September this year. This cheaper version of iPhone is the new iPhone 6 – also known as iPhone 5C according to various leaked reports. iPhone 6 is said to be almost the same as iPhone 5S which is said… read more